Joe Biden Spotted in Scranton

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Former Vice President Joe Biden made a stop in his old hometown on Thursday.

A homeowner in Scranton confirmed to Newswatch 16 that the former U.S. senator and vice president was in the area.

This unexpected stop comes as Biden is facing accusations he made some women uncomfortable by his physical contact.

Former vice president and Scranton native Joe Biden can be seen in a photo snapped by Ben Babarsky of Scranton.

It was taken around noon showing Biden visiting his childhood home on North Washington Avenue in the Green Ridge section of the city.

“I was walking toward the McGowen building here and there was a little bit of commotion, the street was blocked off,” said Babarsky. “There was a police car and once I realized what house it was, I peeked around and snapped a quick picture and Joe Biden was out here. When I got here there was a camera crew and what not but by the time I got here they were all packed up.”

A woman answering the door here at Biden's former home did not want to go on camera but did confirm the former vice president paid a visit.

News of Biden's stop in Scranton spread fast, with many thinking it's a sign he'll announce he's running for president.

“I think if he's here visiting his childhood home, trying to make the Scranton connection, I think he's probably looking to run, he's going announce,” said Babarsky.

However, Biden has been making headlines for quite a different reason.

Several women say Biden made them uncomfortable with his unsolicited physical contact.

Biden explained his actions, saying he never intended for that, that he was only trying for a human connection.

“I just don't think that's the kind of guy he is,” said Donna Wolfe of Scranton. “I just think that he's always been a standup guy and I thought he was a great vice president so.”

“I just think it was an innocent thing that he had a tendency to do, touch too much, people do that,” said Bill Woelkers.

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