Two Years and Still Waiting for Closure after Deadly Hit and Run

HANOVER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Two years of unanswered questions surrounding a deadly hit a and run has forced to a family to come forward asking for help.

It has been almost two years since a man heading to work was hit by more than one car along a busy highway in Luzerne County.

Dawn Crane told Newswatch 16 that two years is too long, and with each passing day, she misses her uncle even more.

For nearly two years, Crane has often placed flowers near the place where her uncle lost his life in Hanover Township.

Her uncle Oliver Grosspietsch was killed in late March of 2017. He was struck by several hit-and-run drivers along the Sans Souci Parkway in Luzerne County.

Since then, she tries to avoid routinely traveling along this busy stretch of highway.

"I can't even drive on this highway. I can't even drive on it, I feel like I am driving over my uncle and it is painful. I cry every day. I miss him," said Crane.

Crane was sitting at home back in March of 2017 when she first saw the news about a hit and run on the San Souci Parkway. She never could have imagined her world turning upside down until she got a phone call from her mother.

"She was crying, and I was like, 'What happened mom?' and she was like, 'Your uncle just got killed,' and I was like, 'Please, do not tell me that was the hit and run that was just on the news.' She said it was. I lost it and started crying," Crane recalled.

Township police now say Oliver Grosspietch was hit by more than one vehicle, and at one point, was dragged about a half of a mile.

"It is terrible, it really is, and he did not deserve it. He did not deserve it. He was a good man, he really was."

Police are still looking for a white Hyundai with front-end damage and no description of the other vehicles.

"Two years is too long. People, please help me. Help my family. Do the right thing: come forward."

Hanover Township police say this is an open investigation and are looking for someone to come forward with more information.

Dawn Crane plans to put new flowers out on the actual anniversary of the deadly hit and run later this month.

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  • Rusty Knyffe

    What a horrible tragedy. How can a driver strike someone and just drive off? What kind of sociopath does that?

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