Volunteers from Veterans Organization Return from Alabama

POLK TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Glenn Lippincott is on the board of directors at Valor Clinic Foundation in Polk Township. The place helps homeless veterans get back on their feet.

But for the last week, he wore a different hat. He was the team leader for a group of volunteers who were sent to Alabama to help tornado victims.

"We were able to respond pretty quick. We are veterans, I mean eight out of the nine deployed were veterans. It was all roger that, they didn't have to tell us much other than here is the mission and take care of it," said Glen Lippincott, Valor Clinic Foundation.

Glen says a lot of the work included tarping house roofs, cutting up trees, and getting people food and clothing.

"Here was a situation where we could make a very good impact because it was acute homelessness. A large amount of people very quickly became homeless. We responded as quick as we could, and the people down there loved us, they really did," said Lippincott.

Volunteers hauled down four trailers. Each one was filled with all different kinds of food and supplies, including tents that they slept in for almost a week.

Mark Baylis is the founder of Valor and organized the mission down south.  He told volunteers to be prepared to live out in the elements without easy access to showers and bathrooms.

He says he is grateful to those who took on the mission and accomplished it.

"I am tremendously proud of their drive and adaptability and their willingness to be good, good human beings," said Mark Baylis, Valor Clinic Foundation.

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