EMT’s Unveil Mechanical CPR Machine

GREENFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- So many things in our lives are automated these days. Now, automation could save your life.

Greenfield Township Volunteer EMT's recently purchased a mechanical CPR device. The first in Lackawanna County.

"Studies have shown that high-efficiency, non-interrupted CPR is the best for the patient and this mechanical device is going to do this 100% of the time," said ambulance Captain Kyle Durko.

The device goes around the patient's body and can provide compression for much longer than a human. The EMT's told Newswatch 16 that in their rural community, they might have to do compression for 45 minutes before getting to a hospital.

"CPR is very tiring, this device is going to take that rescuer fatigue out of it. It`s going to make it a lot easier for our people. It`s also going to make it a better outcome for the patient, which is a win-win," Durko added.

Plus, it will mean they are safer during the ambulance ride.

"When they`re in the back of the ambulance, the attendants can stay seated instead of standing over the patient to attempt to do CPR, added Lt. Richard Whitelavich.

There's another, maybe surprising, reason why the mechanical CPR device is helpful to Greenfield Township EMT's. There are fewer and fewer EMT's to cover shifts.

"The requirement for the state is a minimum of two trained responders and some days it`s a struggle to even meet that requirement to staff the ambulance, our staffing overall is down very low," Whitelavich said.

The CPR device cost the Greenfield Township Volunteer Fire Company about $16,000. But, its effect could be priceless.

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