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Dick’s Sporting Goods Will Remove Guns from 125 Stores Amid Declining Sales

Dick’s Sporting Goods is going to stop selling guns in some of its stores.

The retailer’s CEO made the announcement Tuesday saying it will pull hunting gear from 125 stores starting around August. The locations have not been announced.

Dick’s says it will replace the firearms with other sporting goods.

The move comes amid declining sales.

Last year, Dick’s announced it would ban sales of assault-style weapons after it was revealed the school shooter in Parkland, Florida had bought a gun from a Dick’s.

The company also stopped sales of high-capacity magazines and guns to anyone under 21.

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  • hannahlu52

    Declining sales? I find that hard to believe since I’m seeing many people commenting about buying various kinds of guns and ammunition. Something is not quite right about their cutting sales.

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