Greater Shenandoah Area Historical Society in Need of New Windows

SHENANDOAH, Pa. -- The inside of the Greater Shenandoah Area Historical Society building is full of historical items dating all the way back to the 1860s.

The structure is one of the most notable landmarks in the borough, but it's in need of some repairs.

"The building is 114 years old, and the windows are old," local historian Andy Ulicny said. "Not quite that old, but we get a lot of drafts through. It's not good for heating and we have a lot of dirt actually come through because the age, so we want to replace the windows."

Late last year, a new roof was put on the building that sits on South Main and West Cherry streets after a record amount of rainfall caused lots of damage to the inside. Now, around 20 windows need to be replaced. The historical society is asking for donations. Newswatch 16 caught up with a couple from the borough after they decided to donate.

"This is where we grew up," Albert Bindie said alongside his wife Diane. "This is where we had our education. If I had a successful career in life and my wife had a successful career in life, it all started in this poor coal mining town, so we do believe in playing back to it."

The historical society uses oil to heat the building, so when it gets really cold during the winter, it can cost $1,000 a month just to heat the place.

"Every time the wind blows, dust and air comes in," Andrea Pytak, president of the historical society said. "It's causing our heating bills to be high."

"It makes for a nice way to donate," Ulicny added. "We can get a little plaque for yourself or in memory of a family to be able to donate a window within a reasonable cost of about $200."

So far, the historical society has received nine donations. You can send or drop off donations to/at:
Downtown Shenandoah Inc.
116 N Main Street,
Shenandoah, PA 17976

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