Arkansas Family Asking for Cards for Toddler with Only Weeks to Live

OZONE, Ark. -- One Arkansas family is asking for love and support for their 16-month-old daughter who has just weeks to live.

Lucille French was diagnosed with Krabbe Leukodystrophy at just 4 months old. It's a rare condition caused by a gene mutation that affects the nervous system.

Lucille has already beaten the odds surviving past the 13 months doctors gave her to live. But now her body is shutting down.

Her mother Tenessa requested cards for Lucille's half-birthday celebration in April. Unfortunately, Lucille might not make it until then.

If you'd like to send messages of love, hope, and encouragement you can mail cards to:

Lucille French
5432 County Road 5440
Ozone, Arkansas 72854

The family has received cards from 18 states and Australia. Her mother posts updates and opens the cards in the Lucille's Prayer Warriors Facebook group.


  • jane dougherty

    I have read this several times and no mention of monetary donations have been hinted at. If some choose to send money that’s what they choose to do. Not until you walk a mile in their shoes can you really understand why some parents do what they do. Yes these cards are probably more for the parents than the child, but I hardly think that it’s so difficult to buy and send a card! Whether it’s for the child or for the parents. It’s going to someone feel not so alone in this world!!!!

    • Rusty Knyffe

      Prior to the onslaught of social media, people endured their experiences and their physical communities rallied around them. There are thousands of infants that pass, every day, from one illness or another. Where can we send cards to those families? The North Pole? Using social media to spread personal anguish is ugly.

      We all have burdens to bear. Some of us choose to announce our issues to the entire world through FarceBook or Tw1tter, and some of us choose to remain stolid and dignified.

  • Rusty Knyffe

    I am very sorry for this infant’s condition and prognosis – it is always horrific when a child suffers. But, how many children are diagnosed with terminal illnesses and would also like “cards,” themselves? This child doesn’t want cards. She just wants care. It is her parent(s) that want “cards,” and hopefully ones containing something extra. This is DEPLORABLE to use social media in such an audacious manner. And, SHAME on any agency or business that condones this.

    • NatMat283

      Well that was my question also, at 16 months how would a thousand people make her feel loved? Her mother holding her and telling her she loved her would be all she needs to feel loved. This is for the mother and for the people sending her cards to feel good about themselves. If she were say 5 or six years old or more I would say differently but I agree with you Rusty.

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