Former Scranton School Business Manager Pleads Guilty, Gets Probation

SCRANTON, Pa. -- A former Scranton School District official was sentenced to probation Thursday after cutting a deal with prosecutors.

Gregg Sunday didn't have anything to say as he left a courtroom Thursday at the Lackawanna County Government Center at the Globe.

But inside, Sunday opened up to a judge, saying that he had become complacent in his job as the chief financial officer for the Scranton School District and offering that as an excuse for accepting free auto work from the district's former fleet manager.

At Sunday's request, the judge sentenced him immediately after he pleaded guilty to a felony ethics code violation.

Sunday will be on probation for three years. Prosecutors called it a cooperation-based plea agreement.

Sunday has been and will continue to cooperate with the state attorney general's investigation into financial wrongdoing in the Scranton School District. If Sunday stops cooperating, he could be sent to jail.

"Here, for a number of reasons, the defense had asked that this get wrapped up quickly," explained Erik Olsen of the state Attorney General's office. "Which we agreed to on the condition that Mr. Sunday's continued cooperation is part of his probation. So, if he were to go back and decide not to cooperate, we would go before Judge Jarbola and ask that his probation be revoked."

Since Sunday's cooperation is still needed, the investigation into the school district must still be ongoing. Prosecutors wouldn't say whether more arrests are coming.

"I can't make predictions, but we're still hard at work.," said Olsen.

Gregg Sunday is the second former school district employee to face criminal charges. The district's former fleet manager, Dan Sansky, was also charged. His case is still awaiting trial.

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