Basketball Team Welcomes Twin Brothers with Down Syndrome

LEHIGHTON, Pa. -- The game of basketball has brought one family from Lehighton together over the years and is now providing life-long memories.

We hit the Lehighton Borough Rec Center Monday with the Waksmunski family. Jessie Waksmunski was hitting three-pointers while his twin brothers Shane and Wyatt practiced their dribbling skills.

The real highlight for Shane and Wyatt happened over the weekend.

"Shane and Wyatt spend a lot of time on the court at practice, running, dribbling, shooting with Jesse. It's an important part of our winters and our family, no doubt," said Eric Waksmunski, the twins' father.

Shane and Wyatt were both born with Down syndrome. On top of that, Shane suffers from arthritis and Wyatt has half a diaphragm. If you think that's going to keep these twins down, try again.

"We don't hold our kids back, and we give them opportunities to participate, to be active, to be involved in the community," Eric Waksmunski added.

Shane and Wyatt love the game of basketball. So much so, one team in Schuylkill County officially welcomed them to the roster during a tournament this weekend.

"The Minersville fifth grade basketball team has adopted both Shane and Wyatt. They've seen them before at different games, and this weekend, they actually presented jerseys to both kids," said Eric Waksmunski.

Then came the magical moment. With 30 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Wyatt was subbed into the game. He came into the middle of the paint and made the bucket.

"Everybody erupted. It was really cool. Everyone was screaming when he made it. I didn't know because I was in a game, but I heard everybody screaming, so it was really fun," said Jesse Waksmunski, Shane and Wyatt's older brother.

"I think the impact that it has on our family is equal to the impact it has on others as well," said Eric Waksmunski.

Eric Waksmunski said that the fifth grade Minersville basketball team has already invited Shane and Wyatt to join them for another tournament this weekend.

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