Bridge Opens near Brodheadsville but Headaches Remain

POLK TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Middle Creek Bridge in Polk Township has been back open since early February, but construction barriers and a temporary fence still block the front parking lot of Kresgeville Deli.

Sandra Domenico owns the business.

"It's making my business looked closed. My customers are telling me every day, that is what we are dealing with. Why is this like this? I'd like an answer to it. Why? What is the purpose? If they have more work to do in the spring, then open it up until the spring," said Domenico.

Domenico says what is most frustrating is that after bridge construction wrapped up, all the equipment that was parked across the street left. But temporary fencing stayed.

Newswatch 16 reached out to both PennDOT and the company hired to do the construction.  A spokesperson for the contracting company would not comment on the project.

PennDOT says there is still paving and work that needs to be done under the bridge and this parking lot is part of the "temporary construction easement."

Officials say that is why the barriers and fence need to stay up until the project is finished.

PennDOT says work is expected to begin in a few weeks and last through May or June.

"You can see they are not working and while they are not working, I should be able to use my parking lot and have my business look open to all of my customers, said Domenico.

Sandra says she lost a lot of business during the construction and no business, means no money.

"I'm not a chain. I am a small mom-and-pop shop. It's been very challenging, extremely challenging. I am employing a couple of employees and it's hard. It's hard to keep going," said Domenico.

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