Truck Drivers Battle Against Wind

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LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Driving wasn't easy on Monday with the strong wind gusts. Truck drivers are being especially cautious. Big rigs with empty trailers can easily blow over.

Interstate 80 near Danville is filled with trucks, and since the National Weather Service posted a high wind warning for parts of our area, drivers are on high alert. Big rigs are swerving.

"It's been bad. It's been very bad," Ken Ristau said.

"That wind sometimes is just so fast, it has you swerving a little bit. You're not doing it intentionally. You know what I'm saying? You've got to keep control of the vehicle," Melvin Moore said.

Between Sunday night and Monday, parts of our area saw wind gusts over 50 miles per hour. Truckers tell Newswatch 16 it's dangerous out there.

"Each move you make, very carefully. If not, you might have some problems," Moore said.

"If I was going the other way it would be a little bit better. It would be pushing me instead of going right into it," Jake Moser said.

Some neighboring states even banned trucks with empty trailers from driving in this windy weather.

"I'm legal weight-wise, but I'm still heavy. It keeps you from moving around. If you have an empty trailer, you better hang on," Ristau said.

Truck drivers tell Newswatch 16 they typically see this kind of weather in other parts of the country, not northeastern Pennsylvania.

"I'm from Wisconsin. It gets windy but not even, this was all at home yesterday," Moser said.

The windy weather is expected to fade away overnight.

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