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Walmart Greeter with Cerebral Palsy Hopes to Keep Job

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MONROE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A longtime Walmart greeter's job description is being changed and because of his cerebral palsy, he will have to find a new place to work.

A Facebook post about a Walmart employee is sparking outrage in the Selinsgrove area. His job description is being changed, and the man with cerebral palsy will now be required to stand and lift up to 25 pounds.

Adam Catlin of Middleburg has been a greeter at the Walmart near Selinsgrove for 10 years. He loves his job and he is a customer favorite. But over the weekend in the middle of his shift, Adam was told he needs to start performing new tasks -- things that are impossible for him to do because of his cerebral palsy.

"When the customers come in, I greet the customers. And then if they have a return, I scan it and put a sticker on it"

Adam loves his job and doesn't let his cerebral palsy hold him back.

But on Saturday, Adam says he was told that due to a change in corporate policy, his job description will change. He must now stand for his entire eight-hour shift. He must also be able to lift up to 25 pounds.

Adam says that he has until April 26 to comply with the new regulations or he no longer has a job.

"I'm not going to be able to do that," he said.

A manager at the Selinsgrove Walmart told Newswatch 16 he's not allowed to comment. He referred us to the corporate office.

"I understand that corporate policies change, so if they want to make this change that's fine, but I think they should grandfather him in. He's been there for 10 years," said Adam's sister Amber Piermattei.

Adams mother posted about the situation on social media and the post was shared thousands of times. People are outraged.

"Why does he have to lift 25 pounds? He's just a real good kid with a good attitude and everyone enjoys seeing him," Stacie Camp said.

"If you're having a bad day, you go in there, he makes your day. We go in there every week and I look forward to seeing him," Shannon Walter said.

As for Adam, he just wants to work.

"I want to keep my job past April 26 because I've made a lot of good friends and a lot of good memories over the years," Adam said.

Newswatch 16 contacted Walmart's corporate office and received the following response:

"More than two years ago we started a program in more than 1,000 stores using customer hosts to staff entrances. Customer Hosts give customers a welcome as they enter our stores and keep the front clean, safe and secure.

"Over the last two years we’ve continue to expand this program and introduce more customer host roles in our stores, adding more responsibility and pay to the traditional People Greeter role.

“Adam is a valued member of the team and part of what makes our Selinsgrove store special. We’re looking for a solution that keeps him with the store and are reaching out to him and his family again today to ensure they are fully aware of all the options that are available. There is a 60 day transition period as part of this change, which allows us to be thoughtful and find the best solution for everyone.

"We’re committed to always providing our customers with a positive and safe shopping experience, and we know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to staffing our entrances and serving customers. We look at the data from each store individually to structure the appropriate door coverage.

"As we have done in other locations where we’ve added Customer Hosts, our management team will continue to support our associates as they consider other open positions in the store and those in nearby locations."

According to Adam's family, he has not yet been offered any kind of severance package by Walmart.

A coworker started an online petition in the hopes on getting Adam to keep his job.


  • Richard Steele

    This is the true face of corporatism that too many people in this country don’t want to acknowledge. It’s a soulless and destructive entity and has an exclusively negative impact on our communities and peoples’ basic human dignity. The corporate business model is NOT compatible with basic human dignity. It doesn’t care about people like this. Educate yourselves and stop being spoonfed what you believe by the corporate media and do your own research.

  • Jean Marie Heid

    First of all I would get a lawyer if I were him and second we as consumers should boycott Walmart for such a length of time on several occasions a week now and another week in the summer and another one by Christmas. Hit Walmart right where they are hitting this young man -right in the wallet. What I want to know what ever happened to equal opportunity? Like I always said corporate companies suck.

  • Mike Crognale

    Bull, they don’t want to be responsible for his health benefits as he ages and grows worse. I have seen this kind of crap everywhere I ever worked. One of the companies I worked for got bought out by GE Capital. Within one month of the take over they eliminated EVERY one of the people who had disabilities or serious health issue. They weren’t “fired” their positions were “eliminated”. Bastards.

  • Billee Pawuk McCavitt

    Walmart, Adam has been in your employment for 10 yrs. Grandfather him into the new policy! In your own words, our management team will continue to support our associates as they consider other open positions in the store and those in nearby locations.” Show us the support for Adam by keeping him as an employee, at a job he loves doing. Walmart you are so wrong by adding other jobs especially giving a weight limit for a physically handicap person in a wheelchair that can not stand without crutches. What other jobs that are open for a person in a wheelchair to do. To me this is discriminating.

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