Dreaming of Spring

MOOSIC, Pa. -- With warmer temperatures in the forecast, people flocked to the Squeaky Clean Car Wash in Moosic on Saturday to get rid of the slush and salt winter weather brings.

"A lot of times I'll leave in the morning and my car will look like this. I get there, and you can't see out the windows," said Rose Lance of Scranton.

"Well, I'm excited about the warm weather. As I've gotten a little bit older I like the warm weather to be lasting a little bit longer," said Woody Grabiec of Avoca.

After experiencing below-freezing temperatures last week, people we spoke with say they are excited for spring to make its way to our area.

"I work at the RailRiders in the summertime, and I can't wait to get back there and see the baseball season start," Lance added.

"It allows me to get out and get a hike in, things like that," said Grabiec.

Not only is warmer weather better for outdoor activities, it's also good for businesses in our area.

"Normally around February, March, guys are getting the itch to get out there and start swinging and get some golf rounds in," said Nicole Borowski, Pine Hills Country Club. "We're expecting to have a busy weekend with the weather warming up and the snow hopefully melting."

While some are planning ahead for warmer days, others are celebrating Punxsutawney Phil's spring prediction. Ruth Mozeleski's annual Groundhog Day party was filled with food and friends to honor the traditional prediction.

"I was very surprised that he did not see his shadow because more often than not, he does, and my prediction was that he was going to see his shadow, so I was really way off," said Ruth Mozeleski, Grannie's Groundhog Groupies.

While Ruth's Groundhog Day gathering started with just family, now friends travel from all over the country just to attend.

"It's so unique. We tell all our friends about it," said Cherry Gronski from Cape Cod. "I just think it's really something unique and fun because I don't know how many people celebrate Groundhog Day."

This is only the 19th time Punxsutawney Phil has predicted an early spring. Whether his prediction comes true--we will just have to wait and see.

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