Calling for Greenfield Township Supervisor to Step Down

GREENFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Less than two weeks after a federal grand jury indicted Greenfield Township Supervisor Bruce Evans Sr., his fellow supervisors have called on him to step down.

Evans is charged with stealing from the township sewer authority, and that worries taxpayers in the township.

People in Greenfield Township drove and trudged through the storm for a special supervisors meeting on Tuesday.

More than 100 people came. Many came to call for Evans to step down.

They didn't have to.

The township's two other supervisors acted first and voted to ask Evans Sr. to resign. The board cannot order Evans to quit. The decision is up to him.

His seat was empty at this meeting.

"The criminal activity alleged to be involved, among other things, is improper payment of public funds," said John Cerra, consulting attorney.

People have been suspicious since a federal grand jury indicted Evans and his son, Bruce Evans Jr., last week on a host of federal crimes that allegedly took place at the Greenfield Township Sewer Authority, where both worked until last year.

Evans Sr. is charged with paying personal bills with the sewer authority's credit card, and pocketing money from neighboring treatment plants that was intended to pay the Greenfield Township Sewer Authority workers to repair equipment.

The township and the sewer authority are separate agencies, but many at the meeting say that if Evans allegedly stole from the sewer authority, officials should also look at township finances.

"That's the whole point, and that's why I'm angry because they're just giving us lip service over what we the people want with our money," said Judy Schoenly of Greenfield Township.

Joseph Slebodnik and Bruce Evans were Greenfield Township supervisors for more than 30 years. Slebodnik calls his vote to ask Evans to quit his hardest.

"Very difficult, it is very difficult. I've known him my entire life," Slebodnik said.

Supervisors are expected to take more action against Evans Sr. at their next meeting. They are scheduled to take votes to remove him as the township's secretary-treasurer and as a member of its road crew.

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