Vandal Smashes Stained-Glass Window in Stroudsburg Church

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STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- Police are looking for the vandal who smashed a stained-glass window at a church in the Poconos.

The pastor at Stroudsburg United Methodist Church says a can of ravioli and a piece of wood were thrown through the sanctuary's stained-glass window.

Some of the ravioli can still be seen outside of Stroudsburg United Methodist Church. The pastor says the incident happened on Monday.

Temporary repairs are keeping cold air and snow out of the sanctuary, but the actual fix could cost big bucks.

Stroudsburg United Methodist Church on Main Street is well known for its stained-glass windows, but a few pieces are now missing on the front panel.

"You wouldn't think it would happen here of all places," said Pastor Bob Shank. "It's kind of a hurtful thing, and you don't expect it. It's kind of a shame because of how important these windows are to us and the message that they bring to our community even from outside."

Some of the canned mess can still be seen outside the church and pieces of the window that broke now sit in a coffee can.

The pastor says, luckily, neighbors heard and saw the person throwing the cans at the window and they were the ones who called police.

"She told them what happened, and I think the person had already left by that time, obviously, but they think they know who it is. They have some video footage of this and are trying to find him now," the pastor said.

Temporary repairs are keeping cold air and snow out of the church sanctuary, but the windows are more than a century old and are very rare, so fully restoring the panel won't be easy or cheap.

"It's hard to repeat the art from the past like this, but we had a company come in yesterday that has done some work for us before to repair or restore some of the windows and they were pretty confident they have a person who can do a restoration to get it back or close to what it was."

The Stroud Area Regional Police chief says the vandalism is under investigation.

As for the window repairs, the pastor hopes insurance will help cover the costs, but a donation page has also been set up to help.

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