Schuylkill County Man Who Murdered Father Sent to Prison

POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- A man convicted of third-degree murder in the death of his father in Schuylkill County was sentenced to prison on Tuesday.

Michael Marchalk will spend 24 and a half to 49 years in prison.

"That's what I expected. I expected the judge to give me the max. I didn't expect anything different from that," Marchalk said after being sentenced.

On Father's Day of 2017, he beat his father Gary Marchalk to death with a baseball bat at their home in Barnesville.

Gary was a former assistant district attorney in Schuylkill County.

Back in December, after an entire day of deliberations, a jury acquitted Marchalk of the two most serious charges, including first-and-second-degree murder.

Michael's brother Matthew was emotional in court, describing how much he's missed his father since his brother murdered him.

The defense argued during the trial that Gary mistreated Michael throughout his life. Matthew claimed that simply was not the case.

"You know what? Maybe I should temper my remarks. My brother is a lying scumbag who's really a leech on society, so I really don't care what he says," Michael Marchalk said.

Marchalk said after the sentencing that he plans to appeal.

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