Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park to Open Temporarily

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park in Atlanta will reopen temporarily just in time to honor the life of the civil rights icon.

It's been closed since the government shutdown started December 22.

Delta Air Lines donated $83,500 to reopen it through February 3. Travelers attending the Super Bowl game will have a chance to visit the sites, the park service said.

The historic site includes King's home and the Ebenezer Baptist Church where King was co-pastor for years.

The grant from the Delta Air Lines Foundation will cover the cleanup, administration, maintenance and operating costs of employees not covered under recreation fee funds.

In a statement, Delta CEO and trustee of the Delta Air Lines Foundation Ed Bastian said the group "felt it was important we do our part to ensure that the historical landmarks be accessible to the public."

"Dr. King was about bringing people together and at Delta, we are about making the world a smaller place," he added.

This year, the holiday observed every third Monday in January falls just days after the 90th anniversary of King's birth, January 15.

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