Icy Conditions Had Emergency Rooms, Home Heating Delivery Drivers Busy

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HAZLETON, Pa. -- The heavy snow and frigid conditions had area emergency rooms and home heating delivery drivers working around the clock.

At Lehigh Valley Hospital in Hazleton, the emergency room was busy.

Emergency room Dr. Annette Mann says they've seen plenty of people coming with injuries related to shoveling snow or just out walking on the icy conditions.

“We're seeing hypothermia. We're seeing falls. We're seeing people who are out shoveling who are out straining themselves, back strains. This is very heavy snow. It's not for the timid,” said Dr. Mann.

Dr. Mann wants to prevent more people from coming into the ER and has advice for the elderly or those with health conditions: ask for help removing snow.

“Absolutely, that's what friends and families are for. That's what neighbors are for. There's so many people out there who are willing to help you if you just reach out to them,” said Mann.

Also staying busy in this weather are home heating delivery drivers.

Mike Skotek, owner of Skotek Oil Sales in McAdoo says his drivers were busy well before the snow began falling.

“There's the loaf of bread, quart of milk people, that we get an avalanche of work before the storm and we covered it pretty good this year,” said Skotek.

Still, Skotek says they've remained busy throughout the weekend with many customers not realizing how low their oil was.

“Most people need to know when their tank goes below half, to order,” said Skotek. “Too many people wait until they're empty to call and then you can only take care of one at a time.”

Skotek says homeowners should also know the home heating industry is having a hard time finding drivers because they require specific certification that is not easy to get. That shortage could also hold up deliveries.

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