State Stepping in to Help Financially Distressed Scranton School District

SCRANTON, Pa. -- The state is stepping in yet again.

Officials announced Scranton schools will get a special recovery officer to help the district get back on track.

Scranton schools have struggled with debt.

The district has been on financial watch since 2017 and despite an additional eight million dollars in state money the past two years, the money problems continue.

"My main is for these kids, they need to be able to get an education and if it comes down to the state has to do something about it. So that things are working out here or we're gonna end up losing our schools. That's what it's gonna come down to," said Gloria Cottrell of Scranton.

Right now, the Scranton School Board makes decisions for the district, but that could change.

If the district cannot work with the recovery officer to get things back on track financially the state may step in and completely take over.

"I know we have a lot of issues in Scranton but as a mom, I would probably pull my son out of the school district. When the state steps in, it's never good for the kids. They'll lose everything we've already lost a lot," said Justine Hallahan of Scranton.

Parents we spoke with said they are uncertain about the future, concerned about a possible state takeover and what that could mean.

"I don't even know how bad is it gonna be, because is it gonna be lots of changes and stuff like that? We don't even know. We just have to wait and see," said Ruth Juminian of Scranton.


  • scurfie

    This is good news! The “State”, which is all the taxpayers in PA, get to bail out another school district. The state has a bottomless well of money so why not?

  • 16viewer

    As the cuffs come on for the school board members, union head Boland and Superintendent Kirijan the band plays:”The party’s over, it’s time to call it a day…..”.

  • jimbrony

    “a serious and concerning situation“ I predict more empty boxes going in, and full ones coming out. So how’s all those years of nepotism and back-alley deals working out for you, Scranton school board? What a corrupt, shameful city.

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