Neighbors in Milton Shocked by Murder-Suicide of Mother and Son

MILTON, Pa. -- Grief counselors were at the Milton Area School District on Thursday after a fifth grade student was murdered by his own mother.

Police in Lancaster County are investigating the murder-suicide.

According to police, Nicole Welton, 32, of Milton, shot and killed her 11-year-old son inside a motel room near Lancaster.

Police in Lancaster County say it happened Wednesday morning at America's Best Value Inn at Manheim Township. The mother and son were found shot inside their hotel room.

The Lancaster County coroner says Welton shot her 11-year-old son and then shot herself.

According to police in Milton, Welton lived on Shakespeare Avenue in the borough. Her child was a fifth grade student in the Milton Area School District. District officials tell Newswatch 16 grief counselors were made available at the schools.

Newswatch 16 spoke with people who live in Milton, including one of Welton's neighbors.

"I didn't think she was that bad of a person. She must have had something go wrong in her life for her to do that to herself and her son," neighbor James Artley said.

Police in Lancaster County are investigating and did not release any information about a possible motive.


    • gutterratt

      I couldn’t agree more and I just cannot understand or wrap my mind around any mother who kills her kids! The sick thing too is the empathy and sympathy I’ve seen around social media for HER?!?!? If this boy was killed by anyone else would we be seeing any empathy or “understanding” for his killer? But because it was his mom with “mental issues,” it’s ok? And don’t judge? Has everyone lost their freaking minds?
      Don’t judge? Don’t we have judges? Aren’t the accused judged by a jury of their peers? Mental illness is a consent form for murder? But don’t stigmatize the mentally ill, but sometimes they kill because they’re mentally ill.
      Not all the mentally ill are killers, not all killers are mentally ill. Common denominator then? Evil.

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