Owner Thankful After Finding Dog Lost in Crash

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LOCK HAVEN, Pa. -- A woman from Michigan involved in a crash on Interstate 80 just after Christmas has been searching for her dog in Clinton County ever since.

She found her pup named Nash on Monday, just a mile and a half from the scene of the crash.

It started out as a road trip home from New York to Michigan, but things quickly escalated into a 12-day stay in Clinton County for Jessica Alvarez.

"I think I've just been running on adrenaline for two weeks straight," she said.

The day after Christmas, Alvarez and her boyfriend Gary totaled their car near the Loganton exit on Interstate 80. They were both OK, but their two dogs, Nash, a Rottweiler mix, and Jordy, a 4-year-old bulldog, ran away.

"All I remember is punching out the roof and screaming for the dogs," said Alvarez.

After a day of searching, the family found Jordy, but Nash was still missing.

"I promised that I would never let anything happen to him, and then this happened, so I promised."

With no connections to the area, Alvarez decided to stay in Lock Haven to search for Nash.

Pet recovery services called "Where's Fido?" and "Bella Bons" helped Alvarez, who left pieces of her clothing near the crash site. She even cooked bacon in the woods to try to attract her lost dog.

"Thirteen days in Pennsylvania looking for this guy. Twelve of them were horrible heartache, but yesterday was the best day of my life," Alvarez said.

After spotting him with trail cameras, Alvarez says it took some time before Nash was back in her arms.

"The minute that I touched him, and he knew that it was me, he just melted," she recalled.

Alvarez thanks the people of Lock Haven for this happy reunion. Strangers dropped off things like flowers and food and helped pay for her hotel room.

"I don't even know who you are, and you're paying my way so that I can, I would have never been able to stay. I would never have been able to stay,"

"Now that Alvarez and Nash are on their way back to Michigan, she plans to use a new dog harness she got from a new friend in Clinton County.

"Never ever traveling without seatbelts again."

Nash has a few scratches and is underweight but overall is doing well.

"It's time to stay warm and have a lot of snuggles," Alvarez added.

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