Safety Concerns After Cop Charged with Multiple Counts of Sexual Assault

NANTICOKE, Pa. -- Another woman has come forward saying she was sexually assaulted by a police officer in Ashley.

His arrest raises questions, especially for women, on what your rights are if you're being made to feel uncomfortable by a police officer.

Attorneys in Luzerne County say every situation is different but if at all possible, you can use your phone to protect yourself.

Law enforcement in the Wyoming Valley is saying what one particular police officer is accused of is despicable.

Mark Icker, 29, was led into a magistrate's office in Nanticoke on Friday.

He was arrested two weeks ago for allegedly abusing his position as a police officer in Ashley to force two women into oral sex and now a third victim has come forward.

According to court papers, the latest victim says Icker pulled her over for a DUI. After her car was towed, authorities say he gave her a ride back to her home in Mountain Top where he felt the woman's breasts and texted her over the course of several months to help her get out of those DUI charges.

Criminal defense attorney Al Flora says there are ways for victims to protect themselves but it is a very delicate situation.

"When a female victim is in that type of a situation, she's really at the officer's mercy," said Flora.

Flora suggests victims immediately call 911 if they sense something is wrong. Victims can also request a female officer to respond.

"Often times it's easier for a female victim to talk one-on-one with a female officer to report those type of incidents," said Flora.

District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis says victims can really use their phones to their advantage.

"If you're in a situation where you feel uncomfortable, you do have the option to use your cell phone. You can record as an officer pulls you over and may be citing you for some type of violation," said Salavantis.

After the crime, attorneys Newswatch 16 spoke to said one of the most important things a victim can do is report it to the District Attorney's office.

"You don't want to make that complain to the department where the officer is located because that could create conflict problems. The key is to make a prompt complaint," said Flora.

The last tip might be the most difficult but attorneys say it's important to keep your composure because you don't want to escalate the situation.

Salavantis says if there are any other victims in the case against Mark Icker, they should contact the District Attorney's office.

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  • Jim Martin

    One massive reason that this occurred to which the media is ignoring would be municipalities largely using Part-time officers as the cheap way out. Low pay, crummy hours and no benefits equates to the risks of a weirdo like Icker doing enormous damage to the professionals working for safer communities.

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