Woman Reels in 88-Pound ‘Monster’ Catfish

KENTUCKY LAKE, Ky. — Paula Smith is not a stranger to reeling in gigantic fish, but with a few days left in the year, she broke her own record by landing a massive, 88-pound catfish.

Smith, from Waverly, Kentucky, was fishing on Kentucky Lake Sunday when she broke out of a recent slump by reeling in the hulking blue catfish.

She told the Tennessean her previous personal best was an 82-pounder. It reportedly took around 10 minutes to get the fish in the boat.

Instead of cleaning and cooking the big fish, she released it back into the water, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.


    • straubdavid9

      She’s the Catfish Whisperer, so I’m sure she is aware of the dorsal & pectoral barbs/spine, but yep …. nasty sting! I’m lucky to have caught an eight pound catty …. never mind an 88 pound behemoth. The Blues get even bigger than that though. Glad she threw it back ….. no real sense in eating one that big. Besides, all those eggs will produce a ton of fish to eat in the future. I’d love to know how old that fish is.

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