Man Dead After Standoff in Lycoming County

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CUMMINGS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A seven and a half hour standoff in the Village of Waterville, near Jersey Shore ended with the shooter dead.

It all started around 5 a.m. on Monday.

The original call was for a medical issue and then it turned into a barricaded gunman situation," said Trooper Angela Bieber.

According to state police, when the EMS crew arrived at 62-year-old Brant Hartung's home on Church Street, Hartung would not let them inside because he thought someone was trying to come in and poison him.

Hartung then barricaded himself inside with a gun.

When troopers arrived, Hartung shot at them.

The standoff lasted for more than seven hours.

Around 12:30 p.m., Hartung started shooting at troopers again, this time troopers fired back and one of those shots hit and killed Hartung.

According to state police, Hartung had been acting strangely over the weekend shooting at his chickens because they would not listen to him.

"It didn't surprise me because I know the person is a bit unstable I guess I would say and has had altercations with other people and myself and my grandchildren," said Melanie Reading, neighbor.

Melanie Reading and other neighbors who live near Hartung are sad about what happened but not surprised.

"We've been friends with him, we've been enemies with him. But we never quite expected that. It's sad when anything ends that way. We're just glad nobody else got hurt," said Reading.


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