1994 Video Vault: Out with the Old in with the New

The timelessness of it all. I've been struck by it each day I've gone to work and driven a dirt road that goes from no particular place to another.

Out here it matters not that we have started a new year, things will go on just the way they always have.

Nature, you see, runs by a completely different clock than the one we are accustomed to.

We are a busy lot, all of us in our little work a day worlds - so much to do, so little time.

Out here, along the dirt roads that go from here to there, there is none of that sort of thing.

There's a stillness to this place, a quietness to it that speaks of a world where life goes on no matter what.

It's a cold and lonely place this time of year but intriguingly beautiful all the same.

This is a world not bothered by the affairs the rest of us find so important.

I have always been grateful for that; out here there is time to put things in proper perspective and nothing to derail that train of thought.

In some corners of the world out here, there are remnants of days gone by, places emptied decades ago, places left to weather and ruin and someday dust.

When you spend enough time out here you begin to realize that it is always that way, that it all becomes dust in the end.

So, it matters not what the calendar says.

It's all the same out here. the timelessness of it is a marvelous thing to behold.

It's sure to be found along just about any dirt road you're inclined to travel in the year ahead.

I'm Mike Stevens, Newswatch 16 on the Pennsylvania Road in Susquehanna County.

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