Fireworks Cause Sparks in Neighborhood

GREENWOOD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- An unscheduled firework show took place at a storage facility in our area.

No one was hurt when commercial-grade fireworks exploded Wednesday night just outside Millville. Some people who saw the explosion say it was nerve-wracking but beautiful.

One neighbor who lives across the street told Newswatch 16 that sparks from the fireworks hit his roof. Firefighters told him to take down his curtains in case the sparks went through his windows.

The fireworks display was something you would see on the Fourth of July. Only this display came from inside a storage shed.

Just after 7 p.m. on Wednesday, the fireworks exploded on Rohrsburg Road.

Allen Gardner said, "Just watching television and I heard the world go up in flames."

"I heard a lot of banging and popping. It sounded like fireworks and I thought someone was celebrating with the Christmas holiday," explained 3 Linda Rogers of Greenwood Township.

According to the fire chief, two men were working on their jeep with power tools inside one of the units and that's what started the fire.

The chief says a gas tank dropped, causing a spark, leading to the explosions. One of the storage units held commercial-grade fireworks. The commotion startled neighbors.

"It looked like the Fourth of July all out of one spot, it was pretty wild," added Gardner.

Matt Kaminski of Rohrsburg inspected the damage. He was renting one of the storage units. He said, "I had a couple of snowmobiles, some snow chains, and other odds and ends stuff."

"It's frightening. You don't know what to expect or what to think. I was looking for smoke or fire and I didn't see anything. You wonder if your neighbors are in peril or something, explained Rogers.

No one was hurt in the fire.

There is no word who was storing the fireworks in the unit in Columbia County.

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