On the PA Road: The Year That Was – A Look Back at 2018

It's a been a busy year on the Pennsylvania road.

I must mention up front dear viewer that most of my road trips this year have been in the company of photographer Paul Kielbasa.

He has figured ways to cover my words with stories entitled "100 Feet of Road in Wayne County."

We took a look at some winter scenes from a Skycam point of view.

The iced over Susquehanna at Shickshinny - we took a look at that as well.

Autumn was lacking its usual luster in 2018 but we went out looking and found some color here and there.

The sunflowers were pretty good, though. We looked over the crop at Brown Hill Farms outside Tunkhannock.

Even on a rainy day, there's something to see though you may have to go deep to find it.

There was an inside look at the Number Nine Mine in Lansford where you learn here how our ancestors worked, and why.

Oh, and before we came along, there was a hardy bunch of folks known as coal mine photographers.

There was a celebration of their work at the Anthracite Museum.

The story behind some of those who came before us took us to the Dunmore Cemetery. There was an interesting tale behind nearly every tombstone.

A family gathered for Thanksgiving and what that holiday means.

The making of chocolate covered Easter eggs at a church in Shickshinny (can never have too many of those).

The history of a town named Beach Creek.

The history of toy soldiers and their part in reenactments of those times.

Some history too in Lehighton. Downhill racing in cars made in the back of your garage.

So many places, so many people who spent some time with us, so many doing such interesting things.

Fifty-two weeks of traveling here and there on the Pennsylvania road.

So much to see, so little time.

Here's hoping you enjoyed it and that you'll stay with us wherever the road takes us.

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