Christmas Village Display Takes Over Ann Street in Stroudsburg

STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- A holiday tradition is about to light up part of the Poconos. The Stroudsburg Volunteer Fire Department set up its pop-up Christmas village for the whole community to enjoy.

Earlier in the day on Monday, the finishing touches were put into place before Santa's arrival at 6 p.m.

"It gives it like a small-town feel instead of a big city thing. It kind of brings everyone together," said Michael Blount.

Members of the Stroudsburg Fire Department have been putting up this display on Ann Street the week before Christmas for more than 30 years.

The finishing touches were put into place before the kickoff event.

"The borough is gracious enough to let us use this park on Ann Street, and we have great feedback from the community, and it's great PR for us!" said Stroudsburg volunteer firefighter David Sclorholtz.

While the Christmas display is up, firefighters hold a collection to maintain the displays.

Michelle Blount from Stroudsburg says this is her first Christmas season in the borough and she is happy to see this holiday display so close to her new home.

"It's adorable, and they put a lot of time and effort into it, and that makes it special when you don't just throw things together," Blount said.

Those who put together the display say the only issue they ran into this year was the weather.

"Yesterday with the rain, and I listened to the weather and it said 11 o'clock it should lift up and I'd be able to finish, but nope, that never happened. But it's going very well now," Sclorholtz added.

The holiday display officially opens to the community on Monday from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m.

It will be open nightly through the holidays. Admission is free, but donations will be accepted.

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