Update on Bear Attack in Lycoming County

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MUNCY CREEK TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The Pennsylvania Game Commission believes it knows what may have led to the bear attack in Lycoming County.

The Game Commissions investigation has revealed the bear that attacked Melinda Lebarron earlier this week may have had cubs with it.

They believe Lebarron was attacked when she went to retrieve her dog which had run out towards the bear.

Game wardens went out with a team of tracking dogs to try and find the bear that attacked Lebarron and dragged her over 80 yards outside her home in Muncy Creek Township.

Since the attack, the Game Commission has set two live traps near Lebarron's home.

Posted by Pennsylvania Game Commission on Friday, December 14, 2018

Officers went door to door on Friday to let neighbors know about the attack. They also gave neighbors tips on how to deter bears from coming on their property.

According to the game commission, while black bear attacks are rare, most injuries from bears happen because people are feeding them or accidentally scare a bear in close quarters.

Game commission officials said they have no reason to believe the bear will attack again. If trapped they plan to euthanize the animal.

Melinda Lebarron is still listed in critical condition.


  • nowiseenitall

    I can’t believe some of what I’ve read here. I see very little concern for the lady who was viciously attacked by this bear. Most of what you people are concerned about is not killing this bear. ( shame on you) whether or not this bear had Cubs or on a deer carcass is moot. The fact is she now lays in a hospital in critical condition. Try to image the horror this lady must of went through, being dragged 88 yards by this bear. Image the terror of having being bitten feeling the teeth punching her flesh. Image what it must of sounded like to her hearing the teeth grinding against her bones. Image 88 yards, that 12 yards short of a football field. Do you think the attack lasted for a few seconds? Hell no!. Do you think the bear drug her by her shirt collar? Hell no it drug her by whatever it could grab, neck,arms, legs while thrashing and pulling and clawing her for 88 yards.
    And you say relocate it? Would you want that bear relocated near your back yard? That bear will not hesitate to attack again and needs to be put down. If that was your mother,daughter, grandma or you, would you still say relocate? I sure wouldn’t. So to all you do gooders tree hugging bunny lovers , wake up. If it was a pit bull attacked someone, you would be crying to put it down.

    • kennylc2015

      Believe me when I say I am not an animal lover. Personally, if my dog (which I don’t have) went running towards a bear, I would say “well, Butch, it was nice knowing you.” That’s just me. The ones who dress their dogs up and include them in the family pics and have the dog sit at the dinner table… they might feel differently. Now, if you want to argue to shoot the bear to control the bear population, hey…. that’s a different discussion. But we all know that bears are protective of their cubs. In an overwhelming percentage of the cases bears only attack humans when they feel provokes. You running towards the bear with her cubs in tow is provoking,

      Put another way… if a guy jumped into the tiger pit at the zoo and the tiger mauls it or if you stick your hand in a crocodile’s mouth and it bites your arm off, no one would be saying “oh… go and kill it.” Believe me… I feel bad for the woman but for them to put the bear down when they themselves say “we do not believe it will attack again” I just don’t get it.

  • kennylc2015

    Ok. Honestly, I am not one of these “oh, the poor, poor animal” type of people. But even I can ask why are we going to euthanize the bear? This was not a random attack. The bear was defending her cubs, which we know they will do. The fact of the matter is that the lady did a silly thing. Again… I’m not one of those animal lovers so running to a bear to save your dog is foolish to me but I get it… the dog is “part of the family… blah, blah, blah”

    • jimbrony

      Murder is the premeditated act of one human being killing another. When a human kills an animal it is called harvesting, culling, or dispatching. Stop trying to make animals human. Nowhere has it been proven that the bear that attacked had cubs. Relax. Besides, if the Game Commission doesn’t get her now, some hunter will get her next bear season. 3,119 bears harvested in 2018 in PA, 157 in Lycoming County.

  • jimbrony

    Nice to see that everyone is so concerned about a stupid bear, and not one person is concerned about the woman that was attacked still in critical condition. Nice. Curious: I wonder if you all would have the same sympathy for the bear if it attacked or killed one of your family members or pets? While we’re on about it – how many people worried about this bear think it’s OK to rip a human being from its mothers womb?

    • burtfan16

      Settle down Jabrony. No one has I’ll will towards this woman whatsoever. We hope she fully recovers. What we don’t agree on is killing a mother bear who tried to protect her young. Why do you think she drug her almost 80 ft? I’ll almost guarantee the woman was drug away from her young. Now they’re going to try to kill it and leave the cubs motherless. Do you know what male bears do to cubs? They kill them when the mother isn’t there to protect them.

      • jimbrony

        “May have had cubs with it” No one has said for certain that the bear was protecting their cubs. What we do know is a woman is clinging to life because of a bear. Funny how no one has answered my question about abortion. I love my pets. I appreciate all animals. I love hunting and fishing. But I also think putting animals before people is sick, misguided, and disgusting.

  • Jim Kelley

    No need I feel to put mother down with cubs she was protecting her babys!!Clean up bait pile and she will leave!
    Sorry for lady but killing mother is not answer!

  • Daryl Fisher

    Couldn’t the get Joe Madden who is in Hazelton this weekend to care for the cubs? He’s done a pretty good job in Chicago with their Cubs.

  • Steve Dirk

    I agree with everyone that commented. Who has the right to take the mother bears life when she was protecting her kids.Dirt bag drug addicts have more rights than an animal trying to protect their own You want to start euthanizing got to the prisons and start there.

  • gutterratt

    So they plan to euthanize a mother bear protecting her cubs which is a natural thing to do in her natural habitat because a human ran after her dog who wasn’t on a leash and ran out towards the direction of the bear and her cubs? And people wonder why their pets go missing. I have my dog on a leash even in our own yard and she’s not left unsupervised or out of our eye-line.
    We have a neighbor who lets his dog just mosey on into anyone’s yard and he has a HUGE german shepherd. I have a shih-Tzu. Can’t even leave my dog tied up in her own yard without having to worry about someone who lets THEIR dog go anywhere it will.
    Gorgeous dog but people need to look out for their animals and less stuff will happen.
    I hope she makes a full recovery. A tragic experience nonetheless.

  • Christina Totaro Renfer

    The dog went after a mother with cubs, that is why she attacked. There is NO NEED to put this animal down. You euthanize her, your’e killing 3(or more) bears because then the cubs won’t have their mother to feed or care for them.

  • In His Presence

    I am so sick and tired of animals in their naturalness getting put down because they attacked someone. We are the invaders on their land. This bear was only doing what came natural, to protect her cubs. NO…she should not be put down. That isn’t fair to her or her cubs to lose their mother. I agree with the one comment to relocate them, but even that makes me sad. They were here first before the people built homes there and invaded on their territory. I am sorry this woman and her dog got hurt, but that gives no right or cause to put an animal down. If it were sick or something, then I can understand. If putting animals down comes so easy to you for doing what’s natural to them, then start putting humans down when they harm animals. I believe all who harm an animal will be held accountable in heaven. We were put here to protect and care for animals, not to kill them. They were here first before we were.

    • jimmyreese7665

      Interesting statement how we were put on this earth to protect and care for animals, not to kill them. I would like to know what scientific evidence you have to back this up. As the earliest humanoids evolved to hunter gatherers and killed animals.

    • jimbrony

      Native Americans were here before any of us. You should be ashamed of yourself for displacing them and living where you live. And your statement about being held accountable in heaven for harming animals? Seriously? Enjoy a good steak lately? Have a leather belt, shoes, wallet, or purse? Leather seats in your car? Take any medications? (thank a lab animal) Get a grip. Not sure what Bible you’re reading, but the one I read says that we have dominion over the animals. So let me get this right – God had us sacrifice animals to show our obedience to him, but we’re going to be judged for it because you think it’s wrong? OK…

      • In His Presence

        The answer to your questions is an over all NO! I watch what I buy, I refuse to take medicine accept occasional Ibuprofen when pain gets too bad to handle, and I put up with a lot before getting to that point. I try to solve any pain or health issues all naturally first before even considering any other alternative. Not only is testing on animals inexcusable, but as for medicines, I refuse to take because the human body was never made to take in all those chemicals. I am against testing on animals and will only purchase products that DO NOT test on animals. Animals were not put here for that purpose, if they want to test things for human purposes, go to death row and start testing there. Crime would be cut in half if they knew what was waiting for them there. Because of the fall of man is the reason why God began the sacrifices, and I am sure it broke His heart every time there was one. Once He sent His only Son Jesus Christ to be the final sacrificial lamb, to die for your sins and mine, the sacrificing of animals had ended. I may make mistakes like everyone else, no one is perfect, but at least I try to do what is right and to take care of those that have no voice to stand up for themselves.

      • jimbrony

        You are quite confused and contradictory. You assume that Gods heart was broken with the sacrifice of a lamb on an alter, but you also think he’s OK with performing experiments on people on death row. Again, wow. What kind of logic is that? Christ died on the cross for ALL of man, especially those on death row that need his forgiveness most, but you’re OK with doing medical experiments on them. So can I assume you’re a vegetarian? You do realize that plants were made before animals, and according to some studies plants feel pain too? What about them? So – why were animals put here? And what’s your stand and abortion?

    • whopperplopper

      relocating doesn’t always work.
      bears have been known to return after being relocated over 200 miles from their “home” grounds.
      i do not believe this bear should be killed. common sense must be utilized when you live near wildlife.

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