Athletes Celebrate the Holidays in Luzerne County

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PITTSTON, Pa. -- An annual Christmas party was held for everyone in the Victory Sports program in Luzerne County.

Victory Sports allows adults with mental or physical limitations to play baseball and basketball year round.

The group gathered on Friday night for an annual Christmas party at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Pittston.

For the first time, Victory Sports handed out a sportsperson of the year award to a coach and parent of two players.

"It means a great deal to them. I can only speak to my son and my daughter. They look forward to this. It really is the highlight of their Christmas season. It really is a great thing you can't even put it into words," said Dan Berry.

"Everything. Making new friends, seeing old players, all the coaches," said Christina Wesley.

"And seeing our coaches who pitch for us and we get to see Santa Claus soon," said Heather Hughes.

And Santa did make a special appearance at the Christmas bash in Pittston.

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