‘Christmas Pothole’ Is Patched

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- The sinkhole in Wilkes-Barre that was filled with a Christmas tree over the weekend has now been properly patched.

Images of the hole on Sturdevant Street went viral after a neighbor decided to plant a Christmas tree in it.

One man then took things a step further by placing Santa in the hole with the tree.

All the decorations got the city's attention, and workers in Wilkes-Barre patched the hole on Tuesday.


  • Jonathan Daddario

    yep they sure fixd that in typical pa fashion. throw some patch in the hole but the whole thing is surounded by cracks so itll be tore up again in the spring. more wasted material and labor

  • Brian Coates

    Sure, they patched the hole. But look at all the cracked asphalt around the hole. Chances are very high during the next plowable snow event there will be another pothole near the same location.

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