Child Hit and Killed by Pickup Truck at School Bus Stop in Columbia County

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GREENWOOD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A child was hit and killed by a pickup truck while crossing the road to his school bus stop Wednesday morning in Columbia County.

According to the coroner, Silus Hunsinger, 5, was hit by a pickup truck while crossing Rohrsburg Road near Millville.

The coroner says Silus was crossing the road in front of his home to get to his bus stop. The bus was not there yet, and an adult was with Silus.

"It's too bad. Right before Christmas, you know," said neighbor John Sacavage.

The coroner says a pickup truck traveling on Rohrburg Road hit Silus, killing the child immediately.

The coroner ruled Silus' manner of death as accidental.

Grief counselors have been brought in to Silus' school to help his classmates deal with the tragic loss.

"There's really nothing you can say. It's just a freak accident. There's really nothing anybody can do. I just pray for everybody's safety in the future. It's such a tragic thing," Jacque Mordan said.

State police are investigating. They have not said if the driver will face charges.


  • Rick Sievers

    I heard that the bus was not there at the time he got hit and the child should NOT have to cross the street to wait for the bus… I blame the parent and the school. No 5 year old should wait for the bus and the school should not make a child cross any street to wait for a bus.

  • Adam Morehart

    It seems irresponsible of WNEP to report this in such a vague fashion as well. You should’ve had more facts before you post a story that is obviously going to enflame people.

  • straubdavid9

    Children should NEVER be allowed to cross until all approaching traffic has come to a complete stop … school bus lights turned on, or not! A school bus warning light can’t stop a 3000+ pound vehicle no matter how bright and flashy they are. What the heck is going on here?

    • The GingerBeard

      So wait, it’s the kids fault because and adult couldn’t follow a simple law aiming to help children and families? You realize it’s hard to judge a cars speed sometimes, especially in the morning so how did they know how fast he was going or If he was stopping. Nothing on this article should be blaming anybody BUT the driver. The fact that you posted a comment not of sorrow, but of blame towards these people when they did nothing wrong, shows that this country is going down the drain. If an obvious criminal gets away, like loads do, then what’s the point? The only person who should be getting the blame is the one who can’t understand what blinking red lights and a stop sign mean.
      Rant over.

      • The GingerBeard

        Clearly no one knows, but I was replying to his comment which he assumed so in turn I assumed just to show how idiotic his statement sounds. Regardless, if you’re driving s 3, 000 pound death trap, paying attention to what’s in front of you should be first priority. And assuming he probably lives in the area, he would’ve known a bus stop was there and children are usually out so maybe they should slow down and be extra vigilante?

      • straubdavid9

        You don’t know anymore than what I know at this point ….. my statement was not in judgement of anyone, and what I have written stands alone regardless of the actual circumstances.

      • straubdavid9

        I am saying that regardless of whether or not there was a bus and flashing lights ….. you can’t assume that someone is going to stop UNTIL THEY HAVE ACTUALLY STOPPED! Those flashing lights don’t guarantee anything. I live a half block away from a school bus stop ….. and I see morons drive right passed the bus (with flashing red lights and the extended bar with a stop sign on it deployed into the other lane) that is loading kids ……. without blinking an eye! You are totally misinterpreting what I am saying ….. I’m very much on your side.

    • Amy Doug

      Too many crazies in this world nowadays we cannot leave it to chance and trust that people will do anymore as the law requires. In the news are parents who kill their own children. What are the chances that these drivers who run down children are one of those? Great chance. So, stop all traffic FIRST before allowing kids to cross.

    • ronjon1435

      The article says nothing about the school bus being there… “attempting to cross the roadway to go to his school bus stop”
      Maybe you know more about this story, maybe you were there, or heard the facts from a witness…..
      From the article, someone was not paying attention, and a kid died. Was the driver not paying attention? Was the parent not paying attention?

    • ThornRose 2011

      First off, the child was not crossing the street by himself. He had an adult with him. Second, this never happened when you or anyone else who grew up and took the bus at 7am to cross the road/street to get to your house. So stop blaming that shit for it has been going since buses were invented 🤦‍♀️
      Third, you should seriously stop pointing fingers everywhere, cause 3 more are pointing right back at you. Making you the problem and not the solution.
      The solution is that whenever you are behind a school, no matter if you are a car, truck, bike, or an 18 wheeler, you have to be cautious cause you do not know where the bus has to start slowing down. Aka yellow flashing light… hmm yellow stop light? Sound familiar? If they can slow down at that traffic light when it turns yellow, then they can slow down when they see flashing yellow lights on a school bus. Its not that hard.

      • straubdavid9

        People have had 55+ years to get the basics right since I was a child …. no more excuses …. use your god damn brain! Quit being an enabler and start making people responsible for what they do, or don’t do as the case may be. Take off the blinders so you can see the elephant in the room ~8^) Why is pointing out the obvious to you people so confusing to you?

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