Take a Trip to the New AAA

SCRANTON, Pa. -- For people planning a trip, AAA is open for business in a new location in Scranton.

Whether it's a quick getaway or a week-long trip, AAA is ready to make your dream vacation a reality, after opening its doors earlier this week at a new location near the Viewmont Mall in Lackawanna County.

"It is convenient, especially when you go to Lowe's and Home Depot like I do," Owen McDaniel said.

"We consolidated our Carbondale branch and our Scranton branch down on Washington Avenue and opened what we say is a bigger, better location right in the central location of Lackawanna County," said AAA office manager Andrew Snyder.

AAA officials say the old buildings in Carbondale and Scranton are now up for sale.

The new building is now a wide space for customers to plan trips and to get passport photos taken.

Employees say one bright spot is that the parking lot is much bigger than the last one, so they're able to help more customers.

"We have a much bigger parking lot. Down on Washington Avenue, we were only to accommodate only a few parked cars. Here, we have 144 parking spots, so it is much easier for anyone who is traveling for group trips," Snyder said.

"Better parking, better access," said Mary Hurlbutte. "I just thought today I would take a chance and come by and renew my passport, and not only that, I am happy with the photograph."

For customers looking to travel, AAA is one travel agency ready for your next adventure.

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  • concerned628

    How dumb is that move closing Carbondale? You said in previous articles how Lackawanna County was your biggest with 50,000 members. It’s the biggest but only have 1 office to cover 50,000 members? Completely stupid. Carbondale, Jermyn, Mayfield, Forest City, Pleasant Mount, Clifford, Clifford Twp that relied on Carbondale will now go to NE Title & Tag. I know I will not travel that far or deal with that traffic especially the months of Nov & Dec during Xmas. When my membership is up my family will not be renewing our membership.