Williamsport Area’s FutureLab Connects Technology and Careers

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WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- Williamsport Area School District has new FutureLabs in its district this year.

The labs are set up to allow groups of students to develop projects and it's all to better prepare them for a career after school.

Tucked away behind the library books, you'll find Dustin Brouse's eighth grade technology education class.

Surrounded by 3D printers, a green screen, and shelves of Legos, these students are working on projects inside the brand new FutureLab at Williamsport Area Middle School.

"Kids come in and they can do a variety of things, anything from video editing to robots to data collection," Brouse explained.

The school district came up with the idea for the FutureLab in an effort to give students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades a hands-on experience that can better prepare them for a career.

Students like these eighth graders are already using technology and computer applications. Now, they're learning how to apply it to their futures.

"I didn't even know this app existed before we learned it today," said eighth grader Kristen Goodman.

Eighth grader Zach Lake was in Brouse's class earlier this year.

"You take this test to see what you like and gives you an option of careers you could pursue. Based on those, you can pick like robotics or building stuff with different Legos," he said.

Lake says he never considered using robotics in his future career until now.

"I'm probably going to take CT next year, robotics and engineering at the high school," Lake added.

The district-supported program was introduced at Lycoming Valley Intermediate, Curtin Intermediate, and at the middle school in Williamsport.

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