Water Main Break Closes University of Scranton Campus

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Much of a college campus in Lackawanna County is operating without running water.

Pennsylvania American Water is working to repair a broken main on the campus of the University of Scranton.

The break led to canceled classes causing some frustration as students head into finals.

Crews for Pennsylvania American Water worked at the corner of Linden Street and Monroe Avenue on the University of Scranton campus. They're working to fix a 10-inch main which broke while many students were still in bed without water. Some chose to stay there.

"Sleeping, I've been sleeping it through," Julia Colavita said.

Water company officials say the break affected several campus buildings, enough that the university canceled classes.

Many of the University's freshmen and sophomores didn't have water in their dorms. The busy DeNaples Center, where many students eat their meals, was also affected.

"In the dining hall, there's no water, and they're waiting for companies to deliver bottled water, and then that's gone. It's adding to the hectic week we're already having with finals," said senior Julie Burrill.

The Weinberg Library would normally be a busy place at this point in the semester. The place had water even though it's right next to the break, making it an even more popular place.

"I was a little worried because I needed to shower, and I couldn't, so I had to go to the library to brush my teeth, and it's so crowded in the library today. It's unbelievably crowded," said freshman Francesca Mauro.

If students weren't finding refuge in the library, fresh water was available to them in water buffaloes.

"I'll probably be in the library until then, honestly. I'll just be doing work trying to get stuff done, trying not to focus on the fact that I need a shower!" Mauro added.

Water company officials hope to have repairs complete by Tuesday night.

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