Truck Knocks Down Utility Pole Near Homes

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- A box truck slammed into a utility pole Friday night in Wilkes-Barre.

Police say the driver was trying to turn onto North Pennsylvania Avenue when the truck hit the pole. The bottom of the pole ended up on the front steps of a house.

No one was injured in the crash, but Wilkes-Barre police say they are checking to see if the woman driving the truck was under the influence.



  • jimbrony

    Super-Trucker Bobby Big Rigger wannabe. Watch the video, it was a DUI woman. In her inebriated state, she probably thought the pole was a PennDOT truck or other parked vehicle. U-Haul? I didn’t see any U-Haul decals on it. Funny thing is, your good buddies take lives, destroy property, and mess up traffic when they’re sober, in the daylight, on straight and level roads. At least this wannabe has an excuse. Oh wait, maybe she had a mechanical problem. Scratch that, she probably didn’t know she hit anything…

    • whopperplopper

      yea, dui is a good excuse.
      you’re a wanna be that can’t handle the pressure involved in professional driving.
      when you grow up, let me know.
      until then keep quite & let the adults talk

      • jimbrony

        You’re funny. Already been there, done that, wore out the t-shirt. I’m retired you nitwit. I handled ‘the pressure of professional driving’ successfully as part of my job for decades, never once had an accident or incident. Chances are I’m older than you are, so run along sonny and peddle your pencils somewhere else. Adults? You and Alcoholic? Or you, Alcoholic, and Peatermoss (all the same person)? Thanks for the laugh, tool.

      • donny hud43987

        Yo Whopper boy!, Lol, wow! Your really bent over the fact that your losing this whole issue conversation aren’t you? Lest face the fact, TRUCKER ARE CARELESS!!! ITS BEYOND PROVEN!! So, keep looking for excuses! Cuz we ain’t gonna stop til the careless truckers have a mandatory weekly drug test, and cell phone records of when they were driving and using their phones! And thinking they own the roads!!!! Boom!

    • whopperplopper

      i see i rang your bell now that you’ve resorted to name calling.
      with 3 million accident/ticket free miles in my driving career as a truck driver pulling doubles & triples i’ll take the high road.
      as for weekly drug testing & records of their phones, LOL.
      both of you just sit on the porch & watch the big dogs little pups, someday you too may be man enough to tackle mans work.

      • jimbrony

        You rang no ones bell, tinkerbell. Perhaps you have a reading comprehension problem-I’m retired-as in-if I’m on the porch-I’m watching everyone else on their way to work as I drink my coffee. You – take the high road? Yeah, whatever. Man’s work? That’s why I see so many women driving these days. Automatic transmissions, you don’t even help load and unload. Careful you don’t break a nail there princess.

  • whopperplopper

    where’s the truck driver bashers?
    oh, wait it’s only a u-haul that any non-cdl driver can rent.
    and who’s the hazards on the roads?

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