Kathleen Kane Reports to Jail

LOWER PROVIDENCE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Former Attorney General Kathleen Kane is officially in custody.

Kane arrived an hour before her 9 a.m. deadline and is now in a lockup with about 330 other inmates. She's in the women's wing of the Montgomery County Correctional Facility.

The former attorney general arrived in a pickup truck. She turned away from the bank of television cameras and said nothing to members of the media shouting questions from about 100 feet away.

Kane then went through the booking process.

A county spokesman says Kane will be in temporary protective custody and because she is a former law enforcement official, she can ask for special protection during her stay here which would keep her in a cell with fewer inmates, and corrections officers will keep close tabs on her as a result.

Patty Fleming spent six months in the women's unit at the same jail back in 2005 for crimes she committed related to her drug addiction.

Fleming now provides religious guidance and counseling to women in the jail. She believes Kane will have the same struggles as other women at the lockup, but Kane is different, and inmates will know her booking photo is now airing on local television stations.

The front pages of newspapers across the state will feature Kane's picture.

"You don't come out the same person you went in," Fleming said. "The focus tends to be drawn on them, and the excitement that surrounds them. But soon after, you just become another inmate just like anybody else."

Fleming also says every inmate has to adjust to a strict regimen, especially if, like Kane, they're serving time for the first time.

County officials describe the daily routine she'll be facing as regimented with lights out by 10 p.m. Inmates can only watch broadcast television channels.

Like other inmates, Kane will be allowed two visitors per week. Each visit can last up to two hours. When her friends and relatives visit, they will have to look at her through plexiglass and talk on a telephone.

Montgomery County officials recently banned all contact visits because too many people were trying to smuggle drugs inside.

"Human touch is important at making you feel human, not just someone behind bars who is forgotten about," Fleming added.

Kane's term in jail begins six years and three weeks after she was elected Pennsylvania's attorney general.

She was sentenced to between 300 and 700 days in the lockup in Montgomery County.

A judge revoked Kane's bail on Tuesday.

She was convicted of perjury in 2016 after leaking grand jury information and lying about it.


  • Di Stradart

    She told on Pedo rings in PA, scum in high places involving cops, Gov. officials and other rich scum who traffick children… The bastards are coming for her…

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      No she didn’t, and you’re a liar. She abused her power and lied about it, and got caught. The whole story is still available on several popular Philly, Pennsylvania, and national news sites on the web. Don’t try to make her out to be a hero or a martyr because she’s neither, and no one’s coming for her either, but justice.

    • Interested American

      You are so incorrect in your assertions. Mrs. Kane is the worst kind of human being. I hope she never comes out of prison. I feel bad for her boys but they need to know you don’t act like mom and think you can get away with it.

      Her excuse as to why she should get more time was because of her sons. What horse shit. She wanted to be home for Christmas and New Years that’s all. She hoped she would find a judge to not make her go to jail at all but thank goodness some parts of our state government work properly.

      • Interested American

        Ironically, Robert Blake (Baretta) said it best, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”

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