Protesting Verdict in Child Death Case

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- People in Lycoming County protested Tuesday after a controversial verdict last week in a trial involving the death of a child.

The 4 year old died in a hot car in 2016. Her caregiver was found not guilty of the most serious charges against her.

The protestors we spoke with believe the judicial system failed them last week, and they believe the child's caretaker should have been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in court.

About two dozen protestors stood outside the Lycoming County Courthouse on Tuesday. They say they're seeking justice for Samaria Motyka.

Motyka died after she was left in a hot car in Williamsport for several hours.

"I wouldn't want to see this happen to another family ever. This should be a learning lesson for Williamsport and the surrounding area. Those who think this doesn't affect them and their community, it could be your community next. It could be your child next," Tina White said.

Brittany Borgess from South Williamsport was charged with involuntary manslaughter for leaving Samaria in her car.

Earlier this month, Borgess was found not guilty of most charges. She does have to pay a $25 fine for leaving a child alone in a car.

"Horrible. She is worth a hell of a lot more than that. This little girl deserves justice, and we are going to get that for her," said Christine Engle.

"This case happened, precedence, forgotten baby syndrome worked. It was a viable defense, and now we are going to accept that? To me, it's not right," Tim Kieffer said.

These protesters and community members are hoping their voices will do more than just raise awareness. They want to see a change in the courtroom.

"We just think there should be change, and we just want to get ahold of our legislator, our state representatives. Something needs to be done. The town is in outcry over this. A child lost their life, and a $25 fine was warranted and that's it," said Samaria's mother Sara Fox.

Fox described her daughter as a girly girl who loved "Hello Kitty." She hopes by raising awareness she can help prevent this from happening to other families.

"She was very special girl, a very, very special girl, and that's what makes this so difficult is the void we now have as a family not having her here anymore to be with us," Fox added.

Samaria's mother tells us she has reached out to state lawmakers in hopes of getting a bill introduced in Harrisburg that would ensure harsher penalties for leaving a child in a hot car.


  • Dee Frazier

    Every person involved in that case that found that woman not guilty should have to live the rest of their lives with the knowledge that they allowed a murderer to go free with a measly $25. fine.

  • George Lamprinos

    This verdict is BS. But It’s futile “protesting” a verdict. The only way it can be protested is if the DA discovers new evidence or files other charges. But a $25 fine is a slap in the face of all society.

    • Amy Smith

      Yes, the jury spoke but to call a grieving mother a clown says an awful lot about you as a human being. You should be ashamed of yourself. That child will never get to grow up and have a life. At a bare minimum, it was negligent but hey money talks in this town.

    • Stanley Lindauer Jr.

      A little girl is dead and will never experience a life that you take for granted because of something that could’ve easily been avoided, and you wanna poke fun at people protesting an absurd decision to basically let someone get away with homicide.

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