Family Pet Killed After Being Shot by Pellet Gun in Dunmore

DUNMORE, Pa. -- A family in Lackawanna County is mourning the loss of a pet who was killed after being shot in the abdomen.

Now the Cherney family is asking for the community to help find who did it.

The Cherney family loved their cat, Butters.

Unfortunately, the family says Butters passed away after being shot in the abdomen Sunday night in Dunmore.

Brooke Cherney says Butters came back inside the house after being outside around 7:30 in the evening and immediately they knew something was wrong.

“He vomited at the bottom of the stairs, outside, he vomited again inside and again upstairs,” said Brooke. “Every time there was little drops of blood coming out.”

But when it appeared the cat wasn`t getting any better, they rushed him to a veterinary hospital hours later. That's where he died.

The family says an X-Ray taken at the vet showed he'd been shot with a pellet gun.

“There was a very small incision hole,” said Brooke. “It`s disgusting. I don't know how anybody could do this.”

The family is making a plea to the community that if anyone has information to contact Dunmore police.

Luzerne County SPCA Humane Officer Wayne Harvey says if the person is caught, they could face some serious charges.

Under “Libre's Law” passed by Pennsylvania lawmakers last year to harshen penalties for animal cruelty, People can now face felony charges and several years in jail for animal abuse.

Harvey believes he made the first animal cruelty arrest under Libre's Law in Luzerne County when he charged Max Stevey of Pittston with a felony for killing a cat last October.

“Satisfying that I could file that high of a charge against this individual, in the past I could only do a misdemeanor 1,” said Harvey.

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  • Lucretia Van Arsdale

    First of all cats multiply because their ignorant owners don’t spay and neuter their pets, then they throw them out when they are pregnant. Cats are no different than these sadistic hunters up here, especially that Licking Blisters who likes to shoot geese, but not kill them. He just likes to shoot them so their death is prolonged and agonizing. And that buffoon JimBaloney who thinks cats should be shot, poisoned, etc., because they hunt wildlife, and on and on. They hunt to eat.because they are starving. They are not like these worthless hunters who hunt for the shear enjoyment of killing God’s defenseless creatures, and taking their lives away because they can.

  • jsrant

    These owners know they are in the wrong and want everyone to feel sorry for them. Unfortunately nothing will be done about cat owners. Spoke with animal enforcement and they told me to write our Congress. The shooter if caught will face felony charges now since they made it a felony to harm animals. Only legal way is to trap them and return them to the spca. I can’t stand them either. Leave this be a lesson to cat owners. Keep he. In to keep them alive.

  • Jack Irvin

    Cats should not be allowed to run loose, it is cruel to wildlife and no one needs your PETS defecting on others property. I always find cats in my wood shed, they stink and crap all over

  • jimbrony

    Brace yourselves for all the ‘shoot them with a pellet gun, see how they like it’ and all the other animals before people comments. Cat was probably killing wildlife that the shooter enjoyed seeing, or the cat was constantly defecating and urinating on the shooters property and possessions. I can’t let my dog roam free, why do cats get a pass?