More Pennies for Pints in Pennsylvania

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PENNSYLVANIA -- Your next pint of porter could cost a few pennies more in Pennsylvania.

It all comes down to taxes and a craft beer boom.

The State Department of Revenue told craft brewers in July they must collect sales tax on their drinks.

That means taprooms at craft breweries are going to have to charge six cents more for every dollar. So that's an extra 30 cents tacked onto a five-dollar pint.

The tax was supposed to go into effect in January but it was pushed back to July 2019 to clear up the confusion.

"What we're still trying to do is get the awareness out and say we appreciate pushing that back to allow everybody to look at the situation and see what's fair but they still haven't acknowledged that fact that what they're trying to implement is four times the amount that a bar or restaurant would pay," said JR Heaps, brewer and managing partner of South County Brewing Co.

The tax rate is lower for bars and restaurants selling craft beer.

Brewers are efforting to have the tax changed before it goes into effect next year.


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