Surveillance Video Shows Cats Being Thrown From Car in Front of Animal Shelter in the Poconos

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STROUD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Cats were thrown from a vehicle in front of an animal shelter in the Poconos, and it was all caught on surveillance video.

Directors of AWSOM animal shelter near Stroudsburg are hoping someone can identify the vehicle.

Directors at AWSOM say the cats were thrown out of the vehicle on Sunday just a half hour before the shelter opened for the day. Now they are hoping to find the persons responsible.

The video shows three cats being thrown out of the passenger side door of a dark-colored SUV.

"One of our volunteers was coming up and saw three kittens just on the end of the driveway and every now and then we do get people who dump things, and we are like, 'Oh no, not again.' We do have security cameras and we always pull up to see what might have happened and we saw that horrific, just very sad video," said board president Sandra Fellin.

Fellin says the incident happened Sunday morning, just a half hour before the shelter opened for the day. The female kittens, only about six months old, are now in the shelter's care.

"Not only did they not go out and nicely place these cats, they literally take these cats, open the door, kick the first two out into the grass, take the third one and throw it alongside and take off. It just breaks your heart and it's not the way to treat animals," Fellin said.

Volunteers say not only was it heartbreaking the way the cats were dropped off, but their addition is also difficult because the shelter is at capacity.

The cats are in good health, and Fellin says it looks like they were taken care of, which is why the recent treatment of them doesn't make sense.

"They were obviously home pets. They are not sick. They don't have fleas. They seem well fed and are socialized. So if you were or had these animals and loved them that long, how can you possibly kick them out and throw them out literally across the yard? It's just so disturbing," Fellin added.

Shelter directors say they have reported the incident to police and are asking anyone with information to come forward.


  • straubdavid9

    @ Erika Martin ….. Yes, I always take my meds ….. they are keeping me alive. You’d be angry too, if you really understood the impact of this situation and the wholesale abandonment/slaughter of unwanted felines, and their effects on the biology in our environment. It’s not a joke. The enablers burn my buns!

  • straubdavid9

    @Chuck Gratti “To you it’s just a pet, to them you are their entire life.”
    Wow Chuck ….. so you know me huh? Do you want to see what I’ve invested in my pets over the years? Nobody who does know what I do for my animals would ever make that claim about me. What I’ve been through throughout my life with my pets has been from total joy to total heartbreak. It sickens me to see all these felines being abandoned by the tens of thousands (millions?), not only for their sake, but for the sake of our indigenous wildlife that is being affected by what is considered an invasive species when dumped on an environment to which there is NO niche for. But I’m the bad guy right?

  • Keith Taylor

    How can they kick them out and throw them across the yard ? Because, they’re obviously sick people, with absolutely no regard for animals! So why have them in the first place!

  • straubdavid9

    Because cat people have zero responsibility. They do zero to no actions to prevent more litters. They just open their front doors and allow these critters to roam at will,,, every day… all day. No shots …… no licenses required. Their animals piss and leave their fleas everywhere. I’m having to treat my dog again because of all the pet and feral cats that roam my neighborhood. These vermin dig up your garden and smell up your front porch ….. sometimes leaving their droppings on your door mat. I’m sick of this BS …… something better be done about, this or the S will HTF! My dog has a lifetime license and all his shots, just like every animal I’ve ever owned. This cat situation needs serious attention ….. DO SOMETHING ALREADY!

    • Joe Fuzz1 (@JFuzz1)

      You’re very wrong about cat people not caring. I have a colony of cats that have been Trapped Neutered and returned to where they were found. , My yard, they were litters that were born there and I’ve had them for over ten yrs. No one wanted them ,the shelters were full so I took care of them. They have shelters and have been vetted and vaccinated. If anyone needs help caring for stray cats there is an organization called Alley Cat Allies and they are a big help. There is also another org. called Spay USA that can help with funding for spaying.


      you are a moron, not all cat people act like this. We have 3 beautiful cats, well cared for and never left outside. our neighbors care for strays, with food and medical attention, including fixing, all the while interacting with our dogs. people like this are more than likely just human scum who dont xare and should never own any pet. and you are, like I said, a moron you would better serve society by keeping your yapper shut

      • straubdavid9

        You are in denial …. you are ONE out of how many that actually do the right thing by their animals? People are complaining to their town and city councils about this problem all over the country….. where have you been?

      • straubdavid9

        Well good for you ….. maybe you can talk some sense into all the morons that don’t do what you do, because those of us that have to deal with the fallout from your fellow so-called cat owners are giving you a bad name. Do you think I am so damn pissed for no reason? Get a clue and open your eyes to what your neighbors have to deal with concerning this epidemic of feral cats, as well as the actions of cat owners who allow their cats to roam at large. Why do you people think you are so entitled?

      • jsrant

        Many of the posts, on both sides are 100% right. As a community who love their pets should speak out against the ones who don’t care about them. For the cat owners who do the right things for them that is great. You should be even more out spoken against the ones who give you a bad name. Stop feeding the strays, stop letting them multiply. Stray animals can and do carry diseases. Dog owners are forced to obey laws, so should cat owners.

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