Preparing for the End of Growing Season

FORTY FORT, Pa. -- For some of us, the first frost of the season happened last weekend, for others, just this morning.

But for growers in our area, it seemed to happen quickly, since it was 80 degrees last week.

According to the Farmer's Almanac, the average date for the first frost of the season for the Forty Fort area is October 7, so it's not that it happened early, it just came as a surprise to some because of how warm it was just last week.

"Not this soon, we sell a lot of things when the temperatures are warm, but it's getting towards the end of the year," said Bernie Trudnak at Edward's Garden Center.

At Edward's Garden Center, the first frost doesn't mean the end of the growing season, especially because they protect the more sensitive plants in greenhouses.

"It's a few, you've got to get that killer frost and then things for the fall like the mums and the grasses, they'll be starting to cut that back maybe towards mid-November."

And that killer frost could happen soon. The National Weather Service has issued a freeze warning for overnight Wednesday.

It won't be long before pumpkins and mums will be traded in for Christmas trees.

But folks at Edward's Garden Center aren't wishing time away just yet. They say there's still a lot to do here in the fall, even after the growing season ends.

"Fall is a good time to plant, so we'll be planting shrubbery probably through mid-November. It's a good planting time."

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