Library to Roll Out New Bookmobile

STROUD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A big piece of the Eastern Monroe Public Library has returned back to the library garage in Stroud Township.

A new Bookmobile will soon make its debut.

"We are so happy to have it. Our old Bookmobile served us well for 16 years," said Susan Lyons, Eastern Monroe Public Library.

The old Bookmobile library director Susan Lyons is talking about was damaged beyond repair by a fire in the engine area back in July.

Through insurance money, library savings, and community donations, directors were able to purchase a new one.

Since delivery of the bus was too expensive, assistant library director Mary Erm and her husband traveled about 1,700 miles to Denver, Colorado to pick it up.

"We had a deadline, we had to be back by Sunday night, so we had to cover a lot of miles per day," said Mary Erm.

Workers are slowly starting to fill the Bookmobile with some books that were saved from the old bus and some newer selection, too.

"It's an important way to make sure that the library gets out to all parts of the community," said Lyons.

This bookmobile can't stay blank, so the library director is looking for someone to come up with an original design.

"We are accepting artwork up until October 31. It's a contest with the Pocono Arts Council and the winner gets $100 plus they get their artwork traveling all around Monroe County," said Lyons.

But readers won't have to wait until the end of the month to see the new Bookmobile.  The plan is to roll it back out into the community on Monday and then take it off the road for a few days after a design is selected.

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