Lakeland Senior Banned from School After Being Accused of Rape by Three Classmates

SCOTT TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A high school senior in Lackawanna County will no longer be allowed in school after being charged with raping three fellow students.

Lakeland senior Nicholas Rosencrance, 19, is accused of assaulting two of those girls in Lackawanna County and the third during a trip to Maryland.

The allegations were brought to the Lackawanna County District Attorney's Office last month when those girls contacted their school resource officer at Lakeland.

“Victims are always in a very difficult spot, so I commend them for their courage to move forward, and I would encourage anybody else who would have information to come forward,” said Lackawanna County District Attorney Mark Powell. “We did receive some additional information that we are continuing to investigate.”

One girl alleges Rosencrance sexually assaulted her in Ocean City, Maryland when they were on a trip for senior week. The district attorney says authorities in Maryland are handling that case.

The other two girls say Rosencrance forced himself on them separately while at a party he hosted at “The Spot” in Greenfield Township on August 4. Lackawanna County is investigating those claims.

Some students at Lakeland are surprised by Rosencrance's arrest.

“Yeah, a little bit,” said sophomore Gavin Bruno. “I was pretty close friends with him. He was a nice kid, I thought.”

According to the district attorney, as part of Rosencrance's bail conditions, he is no longer allowed to attend school at Lakeland.

“He has been removed from the school, so he will not have any contact with any of the victims,” said Powell.

A group of friends who get their exercise together by walking around the Lakeland School District were also shocked to hear the news.

“I didn't even know anything about it. I just came back from vacation. This is the first, but it is shocking. It's too bad,” said Patti Colaschino. “You have it everywhere, but when it happens it hits home, you know. It's tough.”

Rosencrance is scheduled to be back in court next Monday.


    • hoperestored2014

      What, because he is a “nice, white boy, who had so much going for him”, he must be innocent? You’re out of your mind. If he were black, everyone would be calling for his head, long before he ever goes to trial. .

  • nognewsisgoodgnews

    This has not been report by the “News Station” a boy accused of sexual assault has been cleared and is now suing
    w w w .pen

  • Catnhat Hatncat

    Its easy to be guilty of sexual assualt when the goal posts are moved from “evidence is reasonable to convict” to “she said it so its true, evidence means nothing”.

  • Leslie La Rue

    Looks like he will be next in line for the supreme court. Happy to see these gals stand up…it is about time these boys learn we are not going to put up with being assaulted. To those who cry innocent, watch out…maybe your skeletons are coming out of the closet

    • jimbrony

      Well Leslie, the most recent appointment to the SCOTUS was found to be innocent. That’s why he succeeded in his confirmation. This young man is also innocent until proven guilty, so put your torch and pitchfork away for now. Maybe these girls that are ‘standing up’ are hiding something that they don’t want their boyfriends or parents to find out. Just like you girls aren’t going to ‘put up with being assaulted’ us boys aren’t going to put up with false allegations and defamation. You want equality, you’re going to get it.

      • Lynne Fazio

        Well JIMBRONY where exactly was he FOUND innocent??? Was there a criminal investigation that we were NOT aware of??? President Petty lied yet again – nothing new there

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        Yep. Here we go again – guilty until proven innocent. Sorry Lynne, but Justice Kavanaugh was investigated by the F.B.I. 6 times during his previous positions held, and a 7th time for the obvious character assassination attempt by the democrats. They found NOTHING. He’s innocent by every definition of the word. Go cry somewhere else.

      • jimbrony

        President Petty, Lynn? Hate to break this to you, but Tom Petty passed away last year. Didn’t know he was President of anything… You’re quite confused, aren’t you?

  • jimbrony

    Welcome to the new standard of guilty until proven innocent. So we know the boys name, and now he’s banned from school and missing out on his education until the investigators and courts decide his real guilt or innocence. Meanwhile, the accusers remain anonymous and continue on with their lives with nothing in the news or on their records. It’s time that the accusers be named and their photo be plastered all over the news. Was it an attack, or just some girls with guilt and remorse for making bad decisions?

    • ozzycoop

      I agree about the innocent until proven guilty part and that his name should have been withheld until the investigation was over but do you seriously believe the victims should have their names and pictures plastered all over the media? Especially teenage girls. That is just ridiculous. Do you have any idea how much power that would give a rapist? You have lost your mind.

      • Rich Wickizer

        Yes they should absolutely have their names plastered all over the news. This poor kid hasn’t been convicted and they are already defaming him. And if they 3 girls are proven to be lying thier punishment should be as bad or worse than what he would receive.

        Sorry but no matter what lies liberal media tells you women will lie to get even or simply because they don’t like someone.

  • Dick Goezinya

    JSRANT you may have a point if it was one allegation, but with 3 alleged attacks in two different states, I’d say it’s far less likely to be made up. Of course I’ll let the court decide as I don’t have all the information and can’t really say one way or the other for sure, but it certainly doesn’t look good for this young man…

    • jsrant

      All 3 girls were classmates from the same school. W hats not to say these girls are trying to get revenge. Clicks in school are just as bad if not worse then when I was in school. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are lying. If not and he’s guilty then yes, he should get what he deserves.

  • jsrant

    And so it starts. Make sure you girls have evidence to prove your allegations. Remember boys any girl can twist the story if her ways goes wrong. I can only hope that if you falsely accuse someone you will be arrested and the accused be publicly announced he is innocent.

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