What to Know About Real ID in Pennsylvania

A plan to strengthen security around ID's is now supposed to go into effect in 2020 here in Pennsylvania.

Many people want to know how  Real ID affects them, and what's required.

PennDOT is making Real ID available starting in March 2019. But what is it? And do you need one?

The card is a more secure version of a drivers license that was passed on a federal level in response to 9/11 attacks.

You need a Real ID if you want to enter certain federal buildings or board a domestic flight and don't have a passport, military ID or other accepted form of identification.

You don't need one to vote, drive, get federal benefits or go into federal buildings like a post office that don't require an ID.

PennDOT officials did a Facebook live event on Wednesday because they know the process can be confusing. The video can be found at the bottom of this post.

"We're trying to make this as easy to understand as possible. We understand that it can seem complicated so we're trying to be as forthcoming as possible and give as much information as we can," said Alexis Campbell.

Real ID goes into effect on October 1, 2020.

Check with PennDOT to find out what you need if you want a real ID.


  • John Stanton

    This is another government control redundant process we Republicans don’t want. If you have a real SS you should never require this. You should not be given a SS if an this ID concept is needed.

  • Jeff Woehrle

    Get it distributed, then use it for voting.

    If you need I.D. to buy a six pack of malt liquor, I think it’s entirely reasonable to require I.D. for something as crucial and critical as voting in elections.

    It’s just common sense.

    • Darren Treat

      ‘Driving’ and a paid ID should never be the line to voting.
      Voter ID is quietly a tax on voting, a tax intended to keep people in metro areas (no car) and poverty(no money, friends/family with car for test) out. I get the point of security for voting but if you are going to require an ID, it should be free (as a Driver License ID is not free) and manditoryily given to students during school years as part of the selective service process. Otherwise its just an attempt to ensure people you don’t agree with don’t have the right to vote and that’s downright unconstitutional and wrong.

      • Bob Stevens

        Don’t even start with that BS narrative. ID cards (non DL) are free.
        “ReQuIrEiNg ID iS RaCisT!” Get that BS out of here. Those who say that just want illegals and the dead to be able to vote blue like they have been proven to do
        Poor and Non drivers still need ID for their beer and cigs. Everyone needs ID or license for movies, buy firearms, drive, banking, fly, fish, hunt, and tons of other crap…

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