Two-Story Tomato Plant Towers over Columbia County Family

MONTOUR TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A family in Columbia County has more tomatoes than they know what to do with and they have a tomato plant two-stories tall.

Sam Krum has planted vegetables for as long as he can remember. When his family moved into their home just outside Bloomsburg last year, they planted tomatoes and got a surprising result.

"I don't know why it got that big, but it just grew and grew and grew."

Their tomato plant is 22-feet tall, and it was only planted five months ago.

"My buddy gave me his little secret recipe for growing big tomatoes, and I used it and beat him. Now, he won't tell me the rest of it," Sam Krum said.

Krum planted others at the same time and cared for them the exact same way, but they didn't turn out the same way.

"My biggest one (before this) was 13 feet. This one bypassed that by far."

Krum's kids like to pick the cherry tomatoes off the plant.

"He said he would give me $100 if I ate them all but, ugh, I can't eat them all," said Jacob Krum.

So what do you do with all these tomatoes?

"My little kids eat most of them, but then they got sick of them, so they just fall on the ground over there now," Krum said.

Krum's wife wants him to cut down the tomato plant but he wants to see how tall it can get. For now, Krum's family and friends are getting all the tomatoes they could ever want.


  • Ruth Ann Ryan

    His friend needs to give him the secret of how to stop it from growing.
    BTW does his friends name happen to be Jack?
    I’d like some of his magic beans.

  • Geo Coggins

    how can i contact the family for some of the seeds from this plant? i would love to continue the genetics!

  • straubdavid9

    SPILL IT …… what’s the secret ….. just between you and me ,,,, mums the word! It’ll be hush hush between you and me, and a tintsy wintsy tiny little itsy bitsy amount of people on the Interwebz! That’s as secret as it gets! Type softly and in the smallest of fonts! Come on ….. give it up! I’m sending this on a tippity top secret channel that only you and I can read (from Hillary’s bathroom server) ……. ~8^)

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