Officer’s Body Cam Captures Life-saving CPR Performed on Squirrel

BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. — How far would you go to save a furry creature?

When Chris Felix from Minnesota thought he hit a squirrel with his car, he got out and performed CPR.

“I was just helping out the squirrel, you know.”

19-year-old Chris Felix is an animal lover. So, when he thought he ran over a squirrel in this Brooklyn Park neighborhood, he stopped.

When it didn’t move, he decided to use his CPR training skills. “I was like, well you know, you never get see this. I was there trying to help it out, you know. Something little means a lot in the long run.”

Chris is also a car detailer, so he happened to have gloves on him.

“So I just put a glove on. I’m like, you know what, give it my best shot.”

He started tiny chest compressions as two officers on patrol stopped to see what was going on.

“Is he giving him CPR? I think it is. Look at him,” said Deputy Chief Mark Bruley of the Brooklyn Police Department. “How often you come across a story where you see a police officer come upon somebody doing CPR on a squirrel?”

And in the officer’s body camera video, Chris doesn’t leave the squirrel’s side.

“He’s coming around now,” you can hear Officer Bruley say.

Chris says it was nearly 20 minutes before finally the little guy got up and ran away.

When it did, Chris and the officers high fived. “You saved his life, dude!,” said Officer Bruley.

Chris has a simple message.  “Help out little things. You know, little things matter.”

As for Deputy Chief Mark Bruley, “Just the humanity of it. It wasn’t just a police officer and a citizen there. Those were just three people enjoying the moment.”

Within an hour of its posting, this video had thousands of views.

Officers from the Twin Cities Police Department want to remind you to bring wounded wildlife to a wildlife rehabilitation center.

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