‘It sounded like a boom’ – Close Call in Wild Weather

MONROE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- After Tuesday night's violent weather, one man is counting himself as lucky as a falling tree narrowly avoided his house in Bradford County.

"It sounded like a boom, like someone let dynamite off or something."

A snapped tree and electrical wires are lying in the grass. The violent winds from the storm left a mark that Carlton Kisner won't soon forget right outside his home near Canton.

"It was about four o'clock and it just sounded like the house was falling down," Kisner recalled.

Kisner says the tree once stood at least 50 feet high in the front yard. Now, the fallen tree is chopped up in piles spreading across his yard and even across the street.

"I come out here and it's like, wow it was scary," he said. "It is getting to be usual down here though, either flooding or trees falling."

Newswatch 16 caught up with William Hunsinger as he was trying to restore electricity to Kisner's home. He says the summer's weather has been relentless.

"It has been busy between the flooding and the straight-line winds and the tornados that we have been having up here. It has been busy," Hunsinger said.

Kisner tells Newswatch 16 there was only minimal damage to his roof. From what is left of the tree, it could've been much worse.

"Lucky it did not fall on me right there," he said.

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