‘The Forgotten’ – Book Notes Wilkes-Barre’s Role in 2016 Trump Victory

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WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- A well-known journalist wrote a book about voters in Luzerne County and the effect they had on the 2016 election. That book hit the stores Tuesday.

It features several people in Luzerne County who voted for President Donald Trump in 2016.

It's titled "The Forgotten: The People of One Pennsylvania County Elected Donald Trump and Changed America," by journalist Ben Bradlee Jr.

It is on the shelves in bookstores now. You'll find this book all about Luzerne County and the role it played in the 2016 election.

Donna Kowalczyk of Wilkes-Barre is featured in the book.

"I was worried about him being a liberal. I think he was pretty good with it. I think he gave us our fair shot at what we wanted to say," Kowalczyk said.

Bradlee interviewed several President Trump supporters from the county including Kowalczyk and the man who owns Fourth Street Pub in West Hazleton.

Kowalczyk says Bradlee came to Wilkes-Barre to speak with her about four times. She says she's also been interviewed by media outlets from around the world.

"It's pretty amazing. It really is. Then to be interviewed in Australia and France and see the things on TV, it's been something."

In the book, Bradlee examines why a predominately Democratic county flipped and voted for Trump in 2016.

Kowalczyk tells us she used to vote for Democratic candidates but changed her stance when she first noticed Donald Trump.

"What made me switch was in 2011. Trump was on Jay Leno, I believe, and he said if I was president, I would this, this, and this and it was like great ideas."

She was there when President Trump was at the Mohegan Sun Arena in August campaigning for Congressman Lou Barletta.

"We just wanted to get across that we're normal people. We're hardworking people. We have no phobias, or we are not racists. We're nothing. We're just natural, normal people who just saw an economy tank and we wanted to get it built back up."

The Barnes & Noble pop-up store in Wilkes-Barre Township says it sold several copies of the book Tuesday.

Bradlee will be at the store next Wednesday to sign books and answer questions.

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  • Rusty Knyffe

    We, the citizens, created the stage for the current President to be elected. We became complacent and just simmered in our collective disapproval until someone came along and said things that citizens were thinking, but would never voice. Citizens believed that this individual was not only speaking FOR them, but TO them, personally. It’s morbidly ironic that Wilkes-Barre is claiming to be a big part of the President being elected. LMAO!!!!

    Economy is going down the proverbial toilet because of outrageous tariffs and a skewed perception of corporate growth. No matter who we each voted for, we set this whole situation up because we sat on our hands.

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