Seeking Stormwater Solution on Scranton Street

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Part of a neighborhood in Scranton was hit hard by flash flooding during Wednesday night's storms. It's happened a few times this year and neighbors say it's only getting worse.

As the rains came down, folks in the 2600 block of Pittston Avenue in Scranton knew that they could expect more flooding.

Neighbors call this flash flood the worst so far this year.

"Came down real heavy, like 10 minutes the road was flooded. I never saw it flood that fast," Phil Perry said.

Even after the waters receded, you can see how the far they went -- almost onto Janet Perry's front porch.

"Almost, like on a bad day in Atlantic City, let's put it that way," Janet Perry said.

Perry's granddaughter shared pictures of the flash flood at its worst hitting right at rush hour. Neighbors helped at least eight drivers get their cars out of the street.

"He was out there helping everybody, you know, push. It's not good when it rains here," Janet Perry added.

Neighbors say this is the third flood here this year.

Pittston Avenue is a state-owned road but PennDOT says anything underneath the road, like the stormwater system, is the responsibility of the city of Scranton.

"The problem is it needs new drainage," Darrell Palmer said. "It needs new pipes put in underneath the road, and there's a lot of water coming off of Kane Street which is causing the flooding down on the 2600 block of Pittston Avenue."

Neighbors say what happened Wednesday further proves their point. they're asking city officials for a stormwater solution.

We checked with officials in Scranton to see if they have any plans to address the flooding on Pittston Avenue. So far, we have not heard back.

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  • Frank The Lunatic

    Yet the city of Scranton raises taxes and does nothing but keep giving themselves pay increases and still have democrat administrations where there is no accountability, and offices where there are workers that are getting paid but never are around and havings assistants for assistants, and the ever so famous Scranton practice of never announcing vacancies but instead actively hiring unqualified relatives and friends for positions within the city, like DPW, Parks Department, and City Hall.

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